Best Electric Commuter Bikes in 2019

When it comes to bicycles, let’s be honest, there are a whole lot of products available for you to choose from, all which vary in size, functionality, and price. Finding the right type of bicycle takes time, any avid bike enthusiast will tell you this.

Many of you out there will probably have gone many months or even years with no noble steed on your side, well today that affects! Everyone should own a bicycle they are proud of at some time in their lifetime, it should be made a law in our opinion! Riding bikes is an incredibly freeing pastime, especially if you’re doing it every day if not frequently!

Not only is riding a bike incredibly healthy, but it is accompanied by an infinite number of benefits which don’t stop there. You are directly helping decrease the number of carbon emissions used whenever you’re using a bike as a car.

Various places of work now have bicycle schemes to help handle these issues; it’s never been more popular to get a bike of your own that right now! Perhaps you have heard of a commuter bicycle before? It’s what we’re going to be talking in our article here now!

Best electric commuter bikes are much like your regular bicycles, the only difference is how they’re built and how good they are in traveling long distances outright. You’ll never forget your first time on a commuter bicycle, in precisely the same way, which you can never truly forget about your very first time on an electrical bicycle ; they are utterly fantastic pieces of kit which get you from A to B in a jiffy!

We should state that the listing below is in no particular order, which will mean that you ought to judge each product in their list of experts. A good deal of these products do have similar attributes but will all distinguish at the exact same time, whether that’s in price or look — this is a purposeful decision to provide you a bit of variation in your preferences! Oh and this as a list isn’t gospel, meaning in the event that you find a product that is suitable for you the same outside of this list, then that is absolutely fine; happy biking!

The first bike to make our record here is arguably the most versatile. From SwagCycle comes the EB-5 Guru a foldable electrical bike That’s perfect For traveling. You will be able to adjust the height of this one quite quickly, allowing you to find the appropriate height and whatnot for you and your various travels.
With 14 inch wheels, supported by Rubber tires, you will see that you don’t ever need to worry about traversing multiple pathways to achieve your destination.

  • Foldable
  • 14-inch brakes
  • 15.5-mile range
  • Flexible
  • Responsive

    Why We Liked It – We loved the fact that you can take this bike practically anywhere due to its folding capabilities.

    Looking for something a little more sturdy? You’ll find that in Spades using the Tomasar Power bicycle, a bike which comes with a great deal of outstanding features like a removable lithium ion battery that can allow you to ride around 25-50 km based on where you happen to be going and in whatever direction.

    The aluminum metal is a sturdy Substance employed in this one, the sturdy shock absorption used in this bicycle will also allow for an extremely comfortable ride, one that can pass over multiple surfaces with little to no immunity. Front and rear brakes are amazingly dependable here also.

    • Removable battery
    • High-speed motors
    • Long distance traveling
    • Maximum brakes
    • Reactive

      Why We Liked It — This is a very reliable product, one which allows you to travel rather long distances quite easily.

      3. Freego Mini Folding

      Yet another folding Bicycle included in our Listing here, this one from Freego. If anything that is a far more comfy bike to travel with, given its size. This is only one of, if not the smallest electric bike contained in our list here, a bike that can see you travel up to speeds of 15 mph.

      This 240w bicycle delivers maximum effort in short doses. Don’t be concerned about this one not having the ideal amount of speed here, the 14-inch tires let it travel fantastic speeds while also keeping you on the straight and narrow when out in the open.

      • Foldable
      • Small stature
      • Comparatively light
      • 14-inch tire
      • Reactive

        We Liked It — You will not find a more powerful product out on the market right now at this size, we guarantee you on that

        A hybrid bike For the hybrid commuter, that’s how we’d go about describing another bike in our list here. The EB-7 Elite from Swagtron is your ultimate foldable electric bike, one which permits you to travel up to 15.5 miles in one burst.

        The removable battery will Allow You to have Multiple charging at any given time. In the event that you were perhaps looking for a product which has plenty of upside down for being one so small, then you have found just that in this bike from Swagatron, its name is the Swagcycle and it certainly lives up to the standing.

        • Removable battery
        • 15.5 mile fee
        • Foldable
        • Reactive
        • Adjustable

          Why We Liked It — You will notice that this person includes a lot of swag to it regardless of its little Size; it is definitely one of our favorites listed here for you personally!

          Electric bike, one that appears to just get better the more you ride it for whatever reason. Using a 280 watt motor, you’ll discover that you can travel distances up to 20 miles with speeds up to 19 mph.

          This is Still another foldable bike, one that you can easily carry around with you with no noticeable issues. It weighs in at approximately 27 pounds that isn’t that heavy, therefore that you shouldn’t find a problem in only picking it up and bringing it in your office/place of work.

          • Light
          • 19 miles
          • 27 lbs
          • Responsive
          • Foldable

            Why We Liked It— This is a very responsive electric bike, one which can help promote You to leave a bit earlier so you can enjoy the ride a little longer.

            From Aceshin comes the 26″ 21 Speed Electrical Bicycle, one that comes Equipped with all the best gadgets that will no doubt help you during your commute. The bicycle is made of aluminum alloys that allow for a very sturdy ride indeed.

            The front fork located on the front of this Bicycle is fabricated using high strength carbon steel which makes for an extremely absorbent ride really. The brakes found on front and back of the bike are amazingly responsive, which means you shouldn’t have to be concerned about going too quickly or over particular terrain. The ergonomic design is yet another highlight here.

            • 21 miles
            • Ergonomic layout
            • Quality build
            • Reactive
            • Sturdy

              Why We Liked It – We enjoyed this product specifically because of its ability to easily Traverse many miles without ever slowing down or restricting our performance.

              Here we have it, the Last offering in our Listing here and arguably the best here. This one is a moped, but it has a lot of features that you’d typically find in most of the other electric bicycles featured in our listing here. The 500w engine makes for quite a responsive ride, one that permits you to travel up to 20 miles with every trip.

              This one requires a 6-8 hour charge time prior to you Can use it, however this shouldn’t be an issue when you understand how comfy it is when you get on it for yourself. You’ll never forget your first time on this bike, it’s a really distinctive bike, and the best send off to our list here.

              • 500w engine
              • 20 miles
              • Front and rear breaks
              • Reactive
              • Permanent

                Why We Liked It— There is a level of comfort in this bicycle that you can’t get anywhere else. We personally can’t get enough of this bike and would state It’s our favorite of the bunch!

                Electric Commuter Bike Buyers Guide

                Welcome to the buyers guide section, here we will be Moving over what You ought to be looking out for when it comes to purchasing an electric commuter bicycle of your own. Although these bikes undergo rigorous testing protocols, that doesn’t then mean that each bike is created for you and you alone.
                Riding these bikes on your own. Within this part, we expect to highlight these issues for you, so that you may have peace of mind knowing that all of the money you have forked out to obtain a commuter bicycle hasn’t gone to waste.


                Before you Even think about purchasing anything, you should make a list of prerequisites. All these requirements will clearly vary, but you mostly want to be buying a bike that ticks most of the boxes you have outlined ahead. It is moot purchasing any of these bikes listed above if they are not likely to aid you on your commute to and from work. If you find that your place of work is beyond 30 miles, you may want to consider looking for a different product for obvious reasons.

                Having An idea on your own expectations in regards to electrical commuter bicycles will keep you away from disappointment we guarantee you. When you set your expectations so large, you usually then have a gut feeling when certain products don’t feel appropriate for whatever reason. If you are simply purchasing a product for the sake of it without doing your study then be prepared to fail; purchasing a brand new bike is intended to be a joyous experience, make sure that it is.

                Among the Important things That you need to be keeping in mind is how long it takes for you to get to perform. If you realize you have very little time to bill your bicycle and just reside around 5 miles away from your workplace, then you may want to look at your more basic bike, they are a tiny much less expensive and will make it possible for you to just hop on and off whenever you need to ride the bicycle outright. These charge times can be an annoyance especially if you forget to charge your bike the night/morning previous.

                We started With about 30 bicycles after scouring the internet for a few of the greatest products; it helps that the majority of our friends are avid cyclists, so they helped us locate these bicycles and narrow it down to a list of 10. From this stage, we then began trying out the bicycles to determine that which did what. Every one the bikes here surprised us in their own unique way; it was really a joy to write and study this article to you guys!

                Foldable Yes or No?

                Most Of the products that we have listed here come with a couple foldable options for you to choose from. Foldable bikes come with a varying level of differences to that of the standard electric bikes. In our experience, these sorts of bikes are a lot simpler to store as soon as you get to operate instead of chaining them outside.

                If you work somewhere That doesn’t have a place to chain your bike then you may discover that purchasing a foldable bicycle is the ideal option for you.

                Foldable bicycles are regarded as a Lot lighter compared to some of the other bikes out there right now. This does mean you could carry them wherever you desire, and in addition, it makes travel with them at a vehicle a whole lot easier too as you aren’t taking up that much space in your car once saved. If you are someone slightly taller than the ordinary person you might come across these bikes somewhat flimsy, it is based completely on your own personal tastes.

                Speed, is it essential?

                This Will depend entirely on how fast you may wish to get to perform. Keep in mind that you will still need to stick to the rules of the road. On average these bikes travel at around the 20 mph , and faster and you may too have a motorcycle.

                To be truthful the only times, we Can foresee you travel faster than 15 mph is during long stretches of road where there are very few vehicles in your path. If you leave during peak journey times on a morning, and then you might discover that traveling fast is impossible given the amount of other cyclists there are outside at that time specifically.

                Speed isn’t everything when it Comes to these sorts of bikes; we would course responsiveness and how sturdy it’s as more of a significance than just how fast you’re traveling when riding it. Based on the product which you buy, you are going to notice a substantial decrease in the speed of your bike as soon as you’ve had it for a time period.

                Like cars, these bicycles Won’t be as strong as They once were as time continues. These bicycles can be expensive which is a pity, however after a year or two you will either have to change the battery or locate a new bike outright; so yeah, rate is not that significant.
                If go with instinct!

                When in doubt go with intuition!

                If You discover that you are stuck on which bicycle out of our list to pick from, or any other bike outside our listing, then together with your intuition will surely assist you in making a rational decision that will undoubtedly assist you later on. We understand that we are wired differently and each has distinct specifications that we have to hit.


                If this is The first time that you are purchasing an best electric commuter bikes having owned a typical bike for so many years, then we understand your confusion.

                We hope that This guide has proved helpful to any of you out there seeking to Buy an electric commuter bicycle of your own! We spent a lot of time Assembling this list and subsequent article for you all, so to see it Come to fruition similar to this and already receive feedback from friends and Family is obviously a bonus. Honestly, electric bicycles are so valuable and exciting. We can not say that we would like to return to this manual!

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