Best Razor Pro Scooters Reviews In 2019

If you want to obtain a new or scooter, then select Razor — A longstanding global scooter manufacturer since 2000, well-loved for two main lines: Conventional scooters and e-scooters.

I bet nobody could deny that making a buy from a trusted brand consistently gives more peace in your mind than in a unknown title, at least concerning quality, customer support, and guarantee. For the reason, this guide will reveal to you best 10 top best Razor Pro Scooters on the marketplace.

pro ranzor1Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter Dimensions: 35 x 21 x 41 inches ; 9.4 pounds New anodized finish with kick stand Features the patented rear fender brakeView On Amazon
pro ranzor2Razor A2 Kick ScooterDimensions: 26.5 x 13 x 34 inches 98 mm inline-style Recommended for ages 5 and older View On Amazon
pro ranzor4Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter The scooter is no longer,Tubular BMX style steel fork 200mm pneumatic tires Heavy duty aluminumView On Amazon
pro ranzor7Razor Berry Lux Kick Scooter Dimensions: 35 x 41 x 21 inches ; 8.5 pounds moothest ride around,with 200mm Front and 140mm rear urethane wheels Features the patented rear fender brake, adjustable handlebars, and foam grips View On Amazon
pro ranzor9Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter Dimensions: 23.5 x 11.2 x 32.9 inches 12 multi-color LED lights, polypropylene deck Two CR2032 lithium batteries Rigid, non-foldingView On Amazon

I’ll start this list using Razor A5 — the very well-loved kick scooter by child and adolescent riders.

Though Not designed for adults, the product is built strongly and durable with 100% aircraft-grade aluminum. For the reason, Razor A5 delivers an unbelievable weight limitation of 220 pounds to be an extremely reliable companion of large kids.

But that is not the most outstanding feature of this version.

Even though Normal wheels for child scooters are often inside 90mm — 140mm, the ones out of A5 are raised up to 200mm. This accent not only delivers the smoothest ride but in addition helps children control their scooter more efficiently.

Weighing only 8.5 Pounds, the Entire product is Adequately lightweight also, it is foldable to permit easier portability. And finally, with a growing child, the adjustable handlebar will assure the best match for their continuously-changed height.

  • Extra-large wheels for smooth rides
  • Broad deck and durable construction to fit well Massive riders
  • No assembly required
  • Some rattle in the joints
  • Somewhat loose handlebars, which can be distracting

Razor A3 is a lighter model for children from 5 years old and older. Its Total weight is just approximately 7 pounds while the maximum weight capacity is currently 143 pounds.

Such as the A5, this version is possibly an unbeatable Kick scooter for a smooth ride. The largest difference between them is Razor A3 does not concentrate on wheels’ size, but the shock-absorbing suspension.

This outstanding characteristic is constructed on the front wheel And while decreasing shock affection, this suspension also helps with greater jumping/ramping.

Joining with a wheelie bar and ABEC-5 High-speed posture, this classic scooter is a fantastic selection for tips and freestyle on the other hand. The only thing parents should take note is equipping your children with safety equipment, like helmet and elbow pads.

  • Can absorb shock excellently to ensure smooth rides and safety
  • Brake on the backside for more security
  • Footplate is Somewhat loose

Two Largest differences that I bet you will easily Understand between Beast and other kick scooters over are The handlebar layout and wheels’ dimension. Yeah, this Razor has the features and styling of a Guru model to make the standard scoot to college turn into a hair-raiser.

The Fixed riser handlebars with additional width and rigid downtube are worth contemplating the most. They leverage the management of directing your scooter which after a few moments to get used to, you’ll discover this kind of handlebar design is superior.

At Precisely the Same time, Smaller wheels (of 98mm) mixing with self-manufacturing RZR Guru 20 bearings guarantee the perfect speed to never let you be left behind from any racers.

The pro-style stamped steel rear fender brake, on the Other hand, takes an essential job of producing the scooter cease not just smoothly, but also safely. Take note that with this model, there will be a few components required assembling.

  • Fixed riser handlebars to help beginners understand how to ride more readily and fast
  • Pro-style design for tricks
  • Extra-wide foundation for better equilibrium
  • Can’t manage fractures in pavements
  • Limited color options
  • The handlebar height can’t be adjusted

Razor A2 Is Really an Updated version from the original A kick Scooter due to the phenomenal success. It hastens the lightweight but super-strong aluminum framework and the efficient sprinklers shock method.

Even though It’s currently a classic version of Razor A scooter collection, worldwide riders still adore copping it for their daily commuting. The motives are not only due to the affordability, but also the decent combination of deck design and wheelie bar.

A2 deck provides just enough space For one foot, which ends up a wheelie bar is the great spot for the another. Not to mention that it is crafted from high-quality aluminum to guarantee both durability and strength that can withstand years of daily life.

With only 6 Pounds of weight and foldable Mechanism, the kick scooter is actually portable. You can easily throw it in the mother’s hatchback or backpack.

  • Updated deck layout to make a much better riding position
  • Finger guard for extra security
  • Smaller wheels for moderately fast speed
  • Not high-quality bearings

Even though most of Razor scooters are created for daily commuting or for children to enjoy their outside activities, this Ultra-Pro RDS Dirt is wholly on a different high degree.

It is constructed with technical tires of 200 Millimeter pneumatic 60 psi to get the capacity of handle dirt Whilst the brakes

If you are wondering exactly what the triple Piled clamp on the headtube can be used for, well, it is one of those vital elements to deliver additional stability and rigidness for your own scooter’s performance. Because of this, is a safer ride as you’re permitted doing tricks.

All-in-all, the Guru RDS defeats the largest enemy of Scootering — dirt streets. It is not just an ideal stunt scooter however also a fantastic dirt scooter too. With it, you do not ever have to take your scooter when cutting through dirt paths or beyond road structures.

  • Y-style handlebar for Improved holding position with controller
  • Specialized tires’ layout for handle dirt and pass road building easily
  • Added triple stacked clamp for longer firmness
  • Somewhat shorter than tall riders may feel somewhat unpleasant
  • Can not fix the handlebar height
  • Not very good bearings

A5 is the Most Recent model of Razor A Kick Scooter and pretty much different all the way around from the rest, it Comprises:

Contrary to the A5 LUX, this is designed for the two kids and adults. That’s why the deck of A5 Air Kick Scooter is extra-long (13.4 inches) so a taller rider can easily stand on.

One Highlight attribute which is also my most favorite is your patent-pending, anti-rattle handlebars. They help to limit the sound emitted when you’re moving and directing your scooter, which contributes to smoother rides.

On The other hand, rubber, soft grips enhance control, grip, and comfort while the super-strong, aluminum frame ensures that the smoothest feeling.

For people who are searching for a scooter for daily commuting, this is the best to go.

  • Extra-long deck to perfect for more comfortable foot posture
  • Ride silently and smoothly
  • Durable and maneuverable design to perfectly ride on urban terrain
  • Not energy efficient
  • Too low profile that’s easy to get scratch at the underside

The Razor Black Label R-Tec Kick Scooter is usually dubbed as the future of street style. That title isn’t just from the cool, futuristic design but also based on its construction.

From the low-profile fender brake, single-sided fork, to the wider wheels and aerodynamic profile. The most outstanding feature is its signature R Tec premium style that boasts a strong statement of a smooth, super-fast ride.

Another highlight is its recorded 60 mm super-wide urethane wheels to be the smallest version out of a bunch, leading to the fastest speed and decent maneuverability. Of course, these wheels are increased in their width for balance and smooth riding so, rest assured of their safety.

The only thing that riders should keep in mind is to take responsibility for knowing and obeying all federal, state, and local regulations in terms of the usage and riding of scooters.

  • Wider wheels for better balance and a smoother ride
  • Small diameter for flexibility and maneuverability
  • R-tec to elevate the scooter’s speed
  • Not really good for skateparks
  • Too heavy for tricks

It highlights a bigger front wheel sizing 200mm while the smaller Back one is 140mm. As a result of this feature, the scooter will not be as simple to wreck on cracks as it’s on other normal models.

Having a good Combination of materials, it rests your mind in peace with a high quality plastic deck that could withstand a max load of 220 lbs in addition to stays intact against abusing. Same with all the urethane wheels and steel framework.

1 thing you should take into Account relating to this kick scooter Is its own handlebar. It’s a fixed layout that you can not get it to accommodate for differences in height. It’s just able to turn left and right.

  • Bigger front wheels to ride through cracks or pavements readily
  • Colorful and eye catching layout
  • Super-strong steel regeneration for durability and abuse-withstanding ability
  • Can’t correct the handlebars
  • Too low kickstand it beams the sidewalk occasionally
  • constructed for children, that is why the Razor Berry Lux Kick Scooter highlights vibrant wheels and fun colours.

his version is even more enthusiastic to ride. Aside from fun colour and Vibrant wheels, the deck is now leveraged with motion activated LED running lights. Regardless, this is an effective security feature when riding at nighttime.
Scooter is constructed with high quality aircraft aluminum t-tube and urethane wheels. It’s a rear fender brake on the backside for a quick stop and adjustable handlebars which may be folded up when not needing.

What Truly makes this version stand out in the crowd lies in its own sparking mechanism. It is the ideal option if leaving a trail of sparks on your riding street isn’t flashy enough for you. Just step on the Spark Bar equipped on the bottom and watch the sparks fly.

While giving Fun and some heroic consequences, the price of this product does not break your bank. For a Spark 2.0, you only need to spend less than $48, really bang for dollars.

  • LED running lights for fun rides and safety
  • Fit both kids and adults
  • Lightest in this list to optimize its portability
  • The spark casing is easy to come off and bend

As its Title Clarifies, Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter Observes a Colorful party on its own wheels with up to 12 LED lights operate by 2 CR2032 lithium batteries.

Without sacrificing the quality, its deck is Crafted from premium polypropylene and mixing with durable urethane wheels and steel t-tube, the whole scooter reaches a max load of 143 pounds.

For children aged from 6 and older, this is the best Friend within their free time to generate a light show on wheels around their neighborhood. But distinct from the prior scooter, this kid model is not foldable. It is rigid and fixed using a down tube.

In turns, The entire shape is rather compact and lightweight so I believe parents or even your kids can simply carry it around. The only thing you must bear in mind is some parts may require constructed.

  • You can intendedly control the lights by pressing the button on its deck
  • Cheap price but satisfactorily good quality
  • Simple to build
  • Can not correct the handlebars to accommodate differences of height
  • You can’t fold it in half


1. Which Razor scooter is best for 8-year-old?

All listed best Razor scooters are suitable for 8-year-old riders, but To select out the top one, I believe the Razor Beast Kick Scooter is well worth considering.

It meets all needs of a good scooter for any Preference and demand, shown through the armed safety characteristics, the budget-friendly cost, the sturdy frame with a pro-style layout. For experienced and beginner riders, this is a flexible choice that could fit equally.

2. Which Razor scooter is your best?

Each Razor scooter will be designed to be best on one or any aspects, for instances:

Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter — Finest for Smooth ride
Razor A3 Kick Scooter — Finest for tricks
Razor Beast Kick Scooter — Best Total

If you wish to find the ideal version for your own case, consider your requirement, budget, and preference carefully.

3. What is the weight limit on a Razor scooter?

The weight limit on a Razor scooter would be your maximum heft it could withstand through a ride.

This Number will be different from model to model. For example, while the Razor A5 LUX features a weight limit of 220 lbs, the Razor Party Pop is just 143 pounds. You can easily find this indicator in the product description.

4. What is the difference between razor A and a2 scooter?

Two advanced features that only have on the A2 scooter are the shock-absorbing suspension and Wheelie bar.


I have Just shared you best Razor Pro Scooters which are examined carefully and chosen from my own experience along with other specialists’ advice.

But The choice will probably be up to you! The most suitable model should match not only your requirement and taste but also your budget. Thus, don’t purchase an expert scooter simply because you see someone ride it so cool, consider your own needs.

Hope that this article has been useful, keep reading for additional collection from my site.

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