19 Best Scooters For Toddlers Reviews in 2019

Look at those cute little feet! And you guessed it correctly, scooters are not just for adults. These can also be a fantastic and safe toy for toddlers as well. Additionally, it is a wonderful little workout that’s very good for their physical and mental health.

Look how happy the kids are riding their little scooters. You clearly want your kids to have the Exact Same fun encounter with their Siblings and friends. Scooters are much More affordable than those iPads but may be just as entertaining. Check out Below to see the top scooters for your toddlers right now!

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1. Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

To start on our record is the Radio Flyer My 1st scooter. This one Looks adorable. As the name suggests, this may just be the very first scooter for your little ones. This model is made specifically for beginner riders. It’s super easy to ride. Your kids will master the scooter in no time.

The children will also look adorable riding these. Don’t Forget to Shield them using a helmet or 2 knee pads. With many colors to select from, the scooter will certainly delight both your sons and brothers (or nephews and nieces). The boys can choose the Sport color.

Because of its broad base and It gives good balance and stability so young riders may enjoy their rides to the max. Additionally, it is super fun and simple to put this thing together. And the cost? Just a little over $30.

All in all, this Best electrics scooter is a cheap and very reliable scooter assuring your children plenty of smiles and laughter riding it.

  • Stable and sturdy design
  • Many adorable colours
  • Soft and comfortable hand grips
  • Wide and textured deck for stability and traction
  • Very Simple to assemble
  • Simple to use
  • Wide base for balance
  • Not foldabley
  • Cosmetic wheels

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 50 lbs

Dimensions: 12” x 23” x 27”

Colors: Deluxe Red, Sport, Classic, Sparkle, Deluxe Pink

This instant scooter seems incredible and is quite well-built. There Are two colours you may choose from blue and pink. The blue one can be great for your boys and the pink one could suit your little girls.

This Version is incredibly cheap in comparison to other models in precisely the exact same class: under $50. The overall construction is quite well-made with high quality steel, aluminum, and plastic. It is possible to easily fold the scooter and store it away when not utilizing it. This is a unique feature making the scooter great for compact storage.

After Some minutes building the scooter (with your help), your children can start riding it. It’s super secure for them since the deck is created from non-slip materials. The wide base also makes it simpler for the children to balance themselves on the scooter. Also, the foam grips are ultra-soft, comfortable, and grippy.

In one brief sentence: A great scooter at a excellent price!

For ages 3+

  • Safe and secure layout
  • Broad deck for stability
  • Soft and grippy grips
  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to use
  • Can be folded for compact storage
  • Few color options

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 45 lbs

Dimensions: 20.5 x 7.5 x 9.5 inches

Colors: Blue, Pink

If your kids are a bit older and Therefore Are somewhat more Proficient, this 3-wheel scooter would be the ideal selection for them to up their game and enjoyable. It’s a gorgeous appearance and design that the boys and girls will love.

You can even extend the handlebar on this scooter, This is a great feature. Since the riders develop greater coordination and durability, the scooter can grow together. The deck is made from non-toxic substances to guarantee the safest ride for your children.

For fast And smooth rides, they have equipped the scooter with three 125mm wheels using the super grippy handlebar. Your children will look cool and professional riding this GLX pro. There’ll be a lot of laughter also for certain.

The Cost is super affordable to get a scooter of this quality And construct. There are many happy parents and children choosing and utilizing this model daily.

  • Cool and Trendy design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Non-slip deck
  • Safe and comfortable grip
  • Easy-to-use back fender brake
  • Affordable cost
  • High-quality and durable stuff
  • May not suit beginner riders

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 110 lbs

Dimensions: 22.4 L x 11.4W x 36 H inches

Colors: Black, Purple, Red

Both your sons and daughters will love this kickboard mini scooter. It is among the highest rated scooters on the market. There are lots of fun colours to choose like: blue, orange, purple, pink, yellow, etc..

The Scooter won the Parents’ Choice Award in 2010. In Addition, it won the Tillywig Top Fun Award in 2014. So, what this signifies is that the scooter is a super fun experience that many parents trust and choose for their children.

The Overall build of this scooter is quite hardy and durable giving your kids the safest and most pleasurable experience. They’ll love the extra exercise it provides. And riding it feels just like you’re browsing the sidewalk.

Compared with other available models, this scooter may Be a bit more expensive. Is it worth it, however? Yes. It is a fantastic value for money from a respectable brand. They also have great after-sales customer service. Therefore, you’ve covered all of the way with this secure choice.

  • Excellent value for the priceGreat birthday gift
  • Great birthday gift
  • Smooth gliding
  • Sturdy design
  • High-quality wheels
  • Fiberglass reinforced deck for equilibrium
  • Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners
  • Safe to ride
  • Parents’ Choice Award Winner
  • Might Be Somewhat pricey compared with other models

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 44 lbs

Dimensions: 10.6 x 2 x 26 inches

Colors: Aqua, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow

Here Is another well-rounded kick scooter that offers a Fantastic amount of Worth for the purchase price. The frame is well-built with high-quality substances. What you’ll love most about this version is that you will find 18 color choices. Yes, going from blue to lavender and turquoise. The design of this scooter is also very beautiful.

Although the Cost of this kick scooter Is a little higher than other models, the flexible T-bar makes it all worth it. Making it a great feature since it can adapt to your kids’ height as they grow taller. You do not have to buy a new scooter with a higher bar.

The Deck is quite near the ground. This makes it safer and more secure for the kids to stand on and creep along. Your child can learn how to control the scooter by leaning left and right. This also assists the development of their balance and coordination, which can be an awesome ability to have in many different sports.

For 2-5 years old

  • Well-made scooter
  • Adaptive T-bar
  • Award-winning
  • Low-to-the-ground deck for security
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Absorbs bump on the sidewalk
  • CPSC safety accredited
  • A bit expensive

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 75 lbs

Dimensions: 11.8 x 4.3 x 26.4 inches

Colors: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Apricot, Lavender, Ice Blue, Turquoise, etc.

his is a super cool scooter using glow-in-the-dark LED wheels. It Looks amazing and the kids are going to seem like a celebrity riding the scooter. It’s made out of strong materials with a lean-to-steer mechanism that is best for teaching children coordination and balance. It’s also quite safe to ride.

You can adjust the handlebar as your kids grow taller. The large and wide wheels provide more stability and support for the young riders. The kids can have fun riding this inside and outside. What’s even better is that the wheels do not scratch your wooden floor.

In short, many kids love this one just as much as some elderly riders. This is a fantastic scooter for under $40.

  • Sleek design
  • Light wheels up
  • Stable ride
  • High-quality materials
  • Good grip
  • Fast and easy to build
  • Reasonable price
  • Only 2 colors alternatives

This scooter is One of one of the most popular choices with over 1,000 Satisfied customer testimonials. The price is unbeatable: below $30. Additionally, it ships in frustration-free packaging so that you don’t need to waste time finding which part belongs where.

The plan is so cute. There is a Sweet Pea Pink version to your little girls and a trendy Blue version for the boys. The overall 3-wheel construction looks and feels really sturdy. They also coat the deck using slip-resistant materials for optimum safety.

The wheels are also quite broad, providing good Support for your kids’ weight and balance. Overall, this is an excellent and very low profile scooter you can get for under $30. The children are going to love that, particularly if it’s a birthday present or Santa’s present for them being nice little kids.

  • Simple and cute design
  • Very cheap
  • Strong construction
  • Wide base for balance
  • Non-slip deck
  • Already assembled
  • Only Two colors available

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 45 lbs

Dimensions: 22.2″ x 14.4″ x 25.98″

Colors: Blue, Pink

With a 4.8 out of 5 Typical ratings, this kick scooter Certainly doesn’t Disappoint kids and parents. It is quite well-built. And like a lot of Micro’s scooters, there are many colors your kids can pick: red, pink, neon yellow, aqua, etc..

You can choose between 2 steering The JoyStick will provide you better carving and curving while the conventional T-bar is much simpler for reconciliation. What’s great about the handlebar is that you can change the fashions whenever and however you would like. Say, sunny beach for summer and snowman for winter.

The steering stick is also extendable, going from 24 to 36 inches. In reality, this scooter is ideal for children aged 5 to 12. So, if you purchase this as a present for your 5-year-olds, the feasible amount of years they can use it is around 7. That is fairly long. This is logical for the greater price tag of the scooter.

In general, this is a solid scooter that’s guaranteed to give your children some fun and decent exercise.

For 5-12 years old

  • 3-wheel stable structure
  • 2 steering alternatives: JoyStick or T-bar
  • Interchangeable handlebar styles
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • High-quality and non-toxic materials
  • Extendable steering stick
  • Security brake
  • Smooth rides on both urban and suburban pavements
  • Slightly expensive

Scooter Specs:

Dimensions: 23.6 x 6.7 x 10.2 inches

Colors: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Neon Yellow, Silver, etc.

Be prepared because this Fisher-Price scooter is some real cuteness overload! It’s like a miniature version of those vintage Italian Vespa scooters, but much more adorable.

Your kids will look absolutely lovely riding this scooter. There are also over 50 learning tunes, phrases, and songs to help your kids learn the language as they grow. In addition to that, you’ll also get 3 shape buttons which you can teach your kids how to count, what colors there are, and what shapes there are. It’ll be a fun experience both for moms and dads and the little ones.

Getting on and off the scooter will also help the baby develop some motor skills early on. You can reward them with a fun song after they give the correct answer to, for example, “What color is this scooter?”

All in all, this is a very unique and super fun scooter that not only helps your kids with their motor skills but also their language and number skills. Fisher-Price obviously never disappoints.

For 1-3 years old.

  • Smart Stages technology integrated
  • 50+ songs and tunes
  • 3 shape buttons
  • The kids can sing along while scooting along
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Reasonable price: under $50
  • Many happy and satisfied parents
  • 3AA batteries included
  • Some find a missing battery cover upon unpacking

Scooter Specs:

Handlebar: Does not turn

Dimensions: 22.5 x 10.1 x 13 inches

For Creative and Active kids, this scooter Could be an Wonderful toy To spark their creativity and teach them equilibrium. It is a fairly trendy design with a Quick Release handle for easy and compact storage.

The Deck is also quite low to the ground, making it much easier for the kids to understand how to equilibrium. The wide base enhances stability for a more stable ride. The overall scooter is quite light. Children will have no trouble carrying it on their own. This is good for teaching them responsibility and freedom.

Your kids will have a pleasure and Safe experience riding this scooter. And the price is a little over the 20 mark. It is reasonably cheap for a scooter of this quality.

For 2-4 years old

  • Easy to ride
  • Safety brake
  • Quick Release Handle for storage
  • Great for teaching children equilibrium and coordination
  • Some locate the turns somewhat rigid

Scooter Specs:

Dimensions: 21.2 x 10.5 x 26.5 inches

If you want to help your child learn how to Equilibrium, this scooter Could be a terrific choice. It has a patented protected lock that keeps the scooter moving in a straight line, which makes it super easy for them .

You can also choose from many unique colorways like American Flag, Rocket Ship, Chrome, etc.. The wheels of this scooter may also light up which makes it more enjoyable to ride. You are able to easily correct the table to suit your children’ height from 26.5″ to 31″.

Overall, it’s a nice and solid scooter particularly for toddlers starting to understand how to ride.

  • Nice colours
  • Stable deck
  • Patented lock
  • New LED light up brakes
  • Cozy grip
  • Easy to ride
  • Smooth ride and flip
  • The lights are Somewhat hard to see in daylight

This scooter looks like a cute mini bicycle. Your kids will love the Ringing the soft streamers. Yes, you can see their smiles and listen to the ringing bells already. Radio Flyer has over 100 years of experience making children’ toys. So, you for sure can not go wrong with this alternative.

One Unique thing about the scooter is that it’s an adjustable chair. When your kids grow a little bit taller, then you can readily correct the chair height so they can comfortably ride and play with the scooter.

Another Great added touch is the ringing bell. Very nice job hear, Radio Flyer! Children adore ringing those bells. Also, the streamers make the overall scooter look cool and attractive. This one is surely going to amuse your little ones.

All in all, a well-rounded scooter. I just wish they had more color choices. Other than that, everything else is worth the cost.

For 1-3 years old

  • Safe for Children
  • Nice layout
  • cushioned seat
  • RInging bell for added fun
  • Soft streamers for style
  • Sturdy steel framework
  • Front bumper shielding them from furniture and walls
  • Easy-to-control slide wheels
  • Few colours available
  • Might Be a bit small for 18 month infants

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 42 lbs

Dimensions: 23.54″ X 18.98″ X 17.64″.

Colors: Red

If Your Children are just learning how to ride a scooter, Then this Could be The ideal beginner scooter for them. It looks so adorable with various color choices like raspberry, orange, turquoise, and blue.

The Scooter includes a brand-new curved handlebar that provides more room for the kid while riding. Also, it helps alter the weight towards a more balanced center of gravity, which can enhance the overall control and functionality.
Been carefully designed with high quality plastic, aluminum, and rubber. Additionally, it is super lightweight. And the kids may be gliding on their scooters minutes after unpacking because it’s so user friendly.

Assembling This scooter is also a true breeze. There are no complicated tools required. Your kids can also join in the fun putting the scooter together. In general, this is a really dependable and nice scooter at a very good price point.

For 2-5 years old

  • Cute colors and design
  • Very safe to ride
  • Super easy to get going
  • Constructed of high-quality materials
  • Curved handlebar
  • Easy to assemble
  • Various color choices
  • More skilled riders may not enjoy this beginner scooter

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 44 lbs

Dimensions: 22.8 L x 3.9 W x 25.8 H inches

Colors: Raspberry, Orange, Blue, Turquoise

Your daughters and nieces will love this Den Haven Pink 3-wheel scooter. It’s quite cute. The plan is simple and sleek, which makes the scooter super easy to use.

The 3-wheel layout makes the scooter Very well-balanced and stable. You could even adjust the telescoping T-bar height to fit your kids’ height. The rear brake is very simple and easy to use. It’s possible to teach the kids a couple of times and they will have the ability to utilize it on their own for a speedy and secure prevent.

Overall, the aluminum frame is sturdy, durable, and quite well-constructed. Many grandparents and parents are also glad that they went with this alternative. The kids also seem really happy riding this scooter.

For ages 3+

  • Sturdy and high-quality build
  • Easy-to-steer handlebar
  • Cute color
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Telescoping T-bar
  • Smooth and broad wheels
  • Quick reply back brake for safety
  • Some parents locate the brake somewhat thin

Scooter Specs:

Adjustable T-bar: 14.5” – 24”

Colors: Pink

When your kids are just beginning to learn how to ride a scooter, It’s probably better to use a 3-wheel one. When they get a bit more proficient, a 2-wheel scooter could improve their abilities even more. And with this Razor Mixi scooter, then you will get 2 .

You can easily Convert 3-wheel to 2-wheel design in a blink. The handlebars have foam grips which are super comfortable and grippy.

You Might Need to help your kids out with the meeting Since it may be somewhat hard for them. Other than that, this scooter is pretty well-made and is a fantastic value for the money.

For ages 3+

  • Nice layout
  • Durable construction
  • Blend 3-wheel into 2-wheel scooter in moments
  • High-quality aluminum and steel
  • Easy and fun to ride
  • May require adult help with meeting

Max weight: 45 lbs

Dimensions: 23.2 x 27.2 x 12.8 inches

Colors: Green

If you’re looking for a birthday Gift for your little daughter, This glider scooter may be a perfect option. It has a cute pink end with all the pink handlebar. What’s even greater is that you can easily correct the T-bar from as low as 24″ to as large as 36″. This might be a fantastic toy that she can utilize and love for years.

It’s really simple to Ride this scooter. The kids can quickly lean forward to maneuver it, and it is also a way for them to learn how to balance correctly. The wide wheels create the scooter quite stable even on bumpy sidewalks. It is made with the top quality materials that are lasting and lead-free.

The Cost of this version is a little over $50. Still, it’s amazing features and your daughters or nieces will love it. It is definitely worth your money.

For 6-10 years old

  • Safe and enjoyable ride
  • Great for girls
  • Wide and stable base
  • Slip-resistant deck
  • Safety tested
  • Top-quality and non-toxic materials
  • Not many color choices

Scooter Specs:

Adjustable T-bar: 24” – 36”

We’ve got some cuteness overload directly here. Walker all in one. Also, it’s an exclusive bargain you can just get on Amazon.

You Might Need to construct this toy car, however it is not that Difficult overall. The low-seat design makes it very easy for kids to get off and on the vehicle. Also, the high rear and manages keep young riders steady and stable throughout their journey.

Children can have fun Playing this car both indoors and outside. There are no sharp edges on the toy, therefore young riders can enjoy a totally secure and fun ride. It’s also super cheap, by the way. The price is just a little over $20.

  • Adorable car toy
  • Durable construction
  • Great for teaching children balance and coordination
  • Great for indoors and outdoors
  • Safe and Enjoyable ride
  • Some people still Discover the meeting a bit difficult

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 50 lbs

Dimensions: 23.2 x 27.2 x 12.8 inches

When they Develop a Little More, you can turn this to a Complete 3-wheAt First glance, this scooter appears very complex. But, it’s quite simple to use when you get the hang of it. The great thing about this scooter is that moms and dads could join in the fun with even their very little ones. How?

Because of the Plan, this scooter could be the ideal Ride-on for young children. Together with the T-bar in the trunk, mothers and dads can easily push their child around while the kid is sitting and enjoying the ride.

Once the Children are a bit more comfortable with riding in their own, it is possible to flip the scooter into a pushbike by removing the T-bar and footrest. Your adventurous children can finally have a safe and enjoyable ride all on their own.

el scooter. The handlebar may be corrected on three levels to Match the kid’s height. The wheels are buttery smooth and the scooter is extremely easy to control.

So, although it’s more like a 3-in-1 (that they Count the two height adjustment amounts ), you can see that it’s multi-functional. Younger sisters can use it as a ride-on and older siblings can have their scooter too. Very clever layout, honestly.

  • Multi-functional design
  • Easy to build
  • Simple to convert between ride-on, pushbike, and scooter
  • Nice colors
  • High-quality materials
  • Durable construction
  • Might Be a bit confusing for some people

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 110 lbs

Adjustable T-bar: 26.5” – 31”

Yes, That scooter Is Really Created by the famous Italian sports car Producer, Ferrari. It’s a rather distinctive appearance with hand-operated brake and a ringing bell.

It Might Be a bit too complex for your Little ones to restrain, however. The substances used are iron and nylon. All these are rather heavy, even though they’re extremely durable.

  • Famous new
  • Simple to build
  • Durable materials
  • Particular layout
  • Slightly complicated for kids to utilize
  • Quite heavy

Scooter Specs:

Max weight: 100 lbs

Adjustable T-bar

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Scooters For Toddlers

1. Your budget

Best Foldable Electric Scooters for Adults

Purchasing a best scooter for your children should not break the bank. After Reading our listing,ou may get a clearer idea of the normal cost of those scooters. The purchase price range extends from $20 to over $100. Apparently, you’d want to plan out your budget to get the highest-quality scooter for the best price.

2. Your kids' favorite colour

Scooters are available in many different styles and colours. Some versions, However, have just 1 or 2 colour options. As a caring parent, I think you already know the reply to this query: What’s your child’s favorite color?
Scooter in the color that they enjoy as a birthday present or Christmas present. What’s more fun is you can make them choose with you by showing them all of the pictures of these scooters.

3. Your kids' age

3 wheel 2

Not all kid scooters will be suitable for your kids. So, you’d need To be certain you find the one that’s the best fit for their age and stage of development.

If your kids are little over 12 months, the Little Tikes Push and Ride Racer could be suitable. If they are somewhat old (3-6), Den Haven, Razor, or even RIMABLE scooters might be a good match for them.


1. What is the ideal scooter to get a 4-year-old?

There are lots of good alternatives to get a 4-year-old. Some of the best are Razor Jr kick scooter, Den Haven scooter, and RIMABLE kick scooter.

2. Can a 2-year-old ride a scooter?

Yes. You will find scooters specifically designed for toddlers so that they can find out how to equilibrium from early on.

3. Are scooters secure for toddlers?

Yes, They are. Scooters are among the safest and most user-friendly transportations for folks of all ages. This makes them a fantastic and secure partner even for toddlers.

4. What is the ideal scooter for a 6-year-old?

Globber Scooters and High Bounce scooters are very good alternatives for 6-year-olds. You may also want to check out Razor Jr kick scooter or Radio Flyer My 1st scooter.

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