10 Best Underwater Scooters

Underwater scooters are fast becoming hot property in the diving World, helping a diver to gain some momentum below the water and finally providing the diver with a more enjoyable experience. An extra advantage for a fisherman is the fact an underwater scooter helps you to go further and investigate more of the sea, pulling you through the water and requiring you to swim less, therefore saving your energy and helping you to consume less atmosphere as you are using less energy.

As Well as being an superb tool for the experienced and skilled diver, helping them to explore deeper depths of the ocean, an underwater scooter may also be excellent for the novice and novice diver, letting you experience a gentle introduction into the game.

We will explore the ten best underwater scooters presently on the market, assisting you to choose which underwater scooter is best for you.

underwater1YAMAHA Seascooters with Camera Mount Recreational Dive Series Underwater Scooter Yamaha RDS250 Sea scooter,depths of 100 ft. with speed up to 2.5 mph Provides up to 2 hours total weight 18 lbs. Scooter size: 24″x 15.2″X 12.3″ ,(occasional battery maintenance required), battery included View On Amazon
YAMAHA SeascootersYAMAHA Seascooters with Camera Mount Recreational Dive Series Underwater Scooter Run up to 1.5 hours with normal use. Rated to 100ft / 30m. Speed up to 3 mph / 4.8 km/h. Product size: 24” x 15.2” x 12.3” / 612 x 385 x 312 (mm) Weight just 18 lbs / 8.2 kg including battery. Item # YME23300. View On Amazon
YAMAHA Seascooters withYAMAHA Seascooters with Camera Mount Recreational Series Underwater Scooter Speed up to 2.5 mph / 4 km/h. Rated to 30 ft / 10 m. Fully waterproof construction. Weight just 11.5 lbs / 5.2 kg including battery. Product size: 11.77” x 11.10” x 20.5” / 299 x 282 x 520 (mm).View On Amazon
Yamaha Seascooter ExplorerYamaha Seascooter Explorer, Pool, Lake & Ocean Underwater Scooter Product Dimensions,21 x 12 x 11 inches Item Weight,11.5 pounds At only 11.5 lbs,Speeds up to 2.5 mph View On Amazon

The Yamaha RDS250 sea scooter is priced at $418.59 also allows you to travel at 2.5 mph to a maximum thickness of 100 ft. The battery provides as many as 2 hours of constant running time and weighs approximately 18 lbs. The Yamaha RDS250 sea scooter offers a detachable buoyancy control chamber for diving in salt water even though the sea scooter may, of course, be used in fresh water, too.

A camera bracket is included so that you could attach your standard-sized Go-Pro camera if you so wish

  • 2.5 mph top speed
  • 100 ft maximum depth
  • 2-hours constant run time
  • 18 lbs weight

    We Like It – The Yamaha RDS250 sea scooter is more effective for regular recreational usage with the added benefit of a camera mount included so that you can attach your GoPro and catch everything you see while in your own diving expedition.

    The YAMAHA RDS 300 underwater scooter provides a High speed of 3 Miles For a cost of $675.00. Having the ability to submerge up to 100 feet, the YAMAHA RDS 300 underwater scooter offers you 1.5 hours of time that you go at your own pace and explore the ocean.

    The heavy-duty rubber hull Allows the submerged scooter to be impact resistant, providing a waterproof construction to stop flooding. Furthermore, the YAMAHA RDS 300 underwater scooter features a two-level rotational rate control alongside an auto shut off once the triggers are published. You can also attach your Go-Pro with ease using the included camera bracket.

    • 3 miles high speed
    • 100 ft maximum depth
    • 1.5 hours run time
    • 18 pound weight
    • Camera bracket

      Why We Liked It– The two-level rotational speed control is a Excellent feature, providing You with choice and flexibility whilst halfway throughout the depths of this ocean.

      Being priced at $929.00, the Sea Scooter Underwater Propeller is one Of the costlier underwater scooters featured inside our inspection. Offering around 50 minutes of run time, the Sea Scooter Underwater Propeller supplies a slow pace and a quick speed option, with a high rate of around 3.7 mph. The battery needs around 4 hours to charge before you are all set to take into the water.

      • 50 minutes run time
      • 3.7 mph high speed
      • Slow and fast speed options
      • 4-hours battery charge period
      • Fashionable yellow layout

        Why We Liked It– The slow and fast speed options Allow You to switch rates during Your quest, from zooming down the depths of the sea to slowing Down and absorbing the wonders of the coral reef.

        If You Are Thinking about Buying an underwater scooter for Mild Recreational use with friends and family rather than diving throughout the depths of the sea, then the Yamaha Seal underwater scooter may be the ideal selection for you.

        Being priced at $226.25, this alternative is One of the lowest priced choices on our record and is perfect for either family fun or to get the novice diver.

        • Great low cost
        • 2 mph high speed
        • 15 feet thickness
        • 1.5 hour time
        • Great for novices

          Why We Enjoy It Scooter is a great initiation at a minimal price. Reaching a good rate of 2 Mph, the maximum thickness of 15 ft lets you gain experience under Water prior to going deeper into the ocean.

          Deepest depth of submerged scooters featured within our review in 131 ft. Being priced at $699.00, the Sublue US WhiteShark Mix underwater scooter comes with a special layout and three different colour options to select from.

          The submerged scooter is lightweight at just 6.28 Pounds, helping you to take it around with you on the move from the duffle bag contained inside your buy. The Sublue US WhiteShark Mix underwater scooter may attain a high speed of 3.35 miles provided that the battery is completely charged. Most sports cameras may be attached into the Sublue US WhiteShark Mix underwater scooter, so helping you to capture ideal minutes beneath the ocean.

          • 3.35 mph high speed
          • 131 feet thickness
          • 6.29 pounds in weight
          • Three colour options
          • Camera attachment

            Why We Liked It — This lightweight underwater scooter provides you with simplicity of use, Enabling you to take your diving equipment effortlessly and care-free.

            The JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin underwater scooter is a Device That Is Smaller, Best for beginners and novices. Reaching 2 miles at rate, the JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin underwater scooter supplies 1.5 hours of run time, reaching depths of 15.5 feet under water.

            This underwater Scooter is suitable for adults and children aged 8 decades and over, providing exceptional family fun and a solid introduction to recreational diving. Additional the JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin underwater scooter includes fun and attractive blue and green layout.

            • 1.5 hours run time
            • 2 mph high speed
            • 15.5 feet thickness
            • Suitable for adults and children over 8 years old
            • blue and Green design

              Why We Liked It — Most underwater scooters are only Acceptable for adults, so it is great To discover the JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin underwater scooter is Suitable for children over 8 years older as well as adults.

              The Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U/W underwater scooter is among the more Reaching depths of 230 ft, this underwater scooter may journey through the depths of the sea more than twice as much as some of the other strong devices.

              The Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U/W underwater Scooter provides up to 110 minutes running time and features a 3-speed prop to allow you to experience flexibility and freedom.

              • Reaches depths of 230 feet
              • 2.6 mph speed
              • 110 minutes of working time
              • 3-speed prop
              • Total speed control

                Why We Liked It –  Though the Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U/W submerged scooter is an Expensive version, having the ability to reach 230 ft in depth throughout the ocean Is an excellent feature for seasoned sailors.

                Being priced at about $899.00, the DET 24V 300W underwater scooter Features a yellow and black design and reaches up to 98 feet in depth down the ocean. Letting a run time up to 60 minutes on a fully charged battery, the DET 24V 300W underwater scooter offers leather coated handles to prevent against slipping in the water. Switches are located on each side of the underwater scooter, pressing the left switch to get rapid pace and the ideal switch for electricity.

                • Yellow and black design
                • Reaches 98 ft in thickness
                • 60 minutes of running time
                • Leather covered handles
                • Switches on Each Side of the unit

                  Why We Liked It– The DET 24V 300W underwater scooter Provides some good ergonomic Features while ensuring that depths of almost 100 feet are attainable.

                  The HOVERSTAR underwater scooter is priced at $1,599.00 and so is Just One Of the costlier models. Featuring a futuristic design, the HOVERSTAR underwater scooter is available in a bright white layout or a true black option, complete with crimson flashes.

                  Being able to Traveling at a high speed of 5.6 mph, the HOVERSTAR underwater scooter can reach a 66 ft depth and owns a 100 minute run time. Additional features include an auto shut-off magnetic switch safety system as well as an intelligently controlled motor for a perfect horizontal experience.

                  • 2 color choices
                  • 5.6 mph top speed
                  • Reaches 66 ft depth
                  • 100 min run time
                  • Automobile shut-off magnetic switch security system

                    Why We Liked It — Although the HOVERSTAR underwater scooter is a Costly model, it Offers the maximum rate of underwater scooters on the current market, Fantastic for the more experienced diver.

                    The Yamaha 500Li underwater scooter could attain a top speed of 4.35 Mph using a 3-level rotational speed controller. Being priced at $1,499.00, the Yamaha 500Li underwater scooter includes a camera mount which works with your GoPro, having the ability to capture images up to a 130 ft depth. Furthermore, the battery level indicator makes sure that you are totally conscious of how much battery life remains.

                    • 4.35 miles
                    • Reaches 130 ft depth
                    • 3-level rotational speed controller
                    • Accommodates a camera mount
                    • Battery level signs

                      Why We Liked It — The 4.35 mph rate and reaching a 130 ft depth makes the Yamaha 500Li Underwater scooter a powerful underwater scooter for the seasoned diver.

                      Underwater Scooter Buyers Guide

                      What’s an underwater scooter?

                      An Underwater scooter is a piece of diving gear which helps a person to grow their range underwater. When submerged, a diver carries on their rear a spoonful of breathing gas and can only remain underwater for the quantity of time which the breathing gasoline last. An underwater scooter pulls the diver through the water, requiring them to float less and then uses less breathing gas. The breathing gas will then last longer, and the diver will increase their range submerged.

                      What to look for when buying an Underwater Scooter?


                      The Speed which an underwater scooter travels diverse from 2 mph to over 5 mph, depending upon the brand and model you purchase. For a beginner, or for family-friendly usage, a 2 mph rate should be quick enough, to start with. The more experienced diver might want a faster underwater scooter, although the quicker and more powerful models are a great deal more expensive.


                      As an underwater scooter submerges Beneath the ocean, the depth which it is able to achieve is also important. A beginner underwater scooter could have the ability to travel a distance of 15 ft, a substantial distance under the ocean. On the other hand, the more expensive versions are able to reach 100 feet, with some versions being able to achieve a thickness of 230 ft. These depths should only be accomplished by very experienced divers, however.

                      Running Time

                      It Is very important to discover what running time every underwater scooter is capable of. For a novice, a run time of 40 — 50 minutes should be a sufficient quantity of time. However, an experienced diver might desire to learn more about the extreme depths of the ocean and therefore a run time of around 120 minutes may be desired.

                      Buyers Guide Question

                       Q: Do I need an underwater scooter in order to go diving?

                      A: No, You don’t require an underwater scooter to go diving. But, an underwater scooter can make your diving experience far more enjoyable and boost your range underwater significantly. An underwater scooter pulls the diver through the water, requiring them to swim and subsequently uses less breathing gas. The breathing gas at the canister on their back will then last longer, and the diver will increase their range underwater. Necessarily, it depends what you want from the underwater scooter. The most expensive underwater scooters are usually the Most Effective, Those which travel faster and people that travel deeper through the ocean. These underwater scooters are perfect for the seasoned or Professional diver and those people who take the activity very Seriously, needing to gain more from the underwater scooter. The lower Priced underwater scooters are often those products which possess a Lower, gentler rate and people that travel shorter depths. They’re friends.

                      Buyers Guide Question

                      Q: Can a child use an underwater scooter?

                      A: Many Underwater scooters require the consumer to be 16 years old and above due to the power which the device exerts. Be careful to stick to these age limitations as they’re set for a reason and a few models may be far too strong for an under 16 years of age to use. However, there are models that are suitable for children of particular ages, as an instance, the JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin underwater scooter that is suitable for children aged 8 and above. Supplying a 2 mph rate along with a 15.5 feet thickness, the JetPilot Sea Doo Dolphin underwater scooter allows you and your child to enjoy around 1.5 hours of diving pleasure.

                      Expert tip

                      When You purchase a new diving mask, rub some toothpaste on the interior so as to lower the potential for fogging. Additionally, you should not wear sunscreen when you are diving as it could be detrimental to coral reefs. Other items are available to protect your skin from sunlight, such as a rash vest and a hood.

                      Did you know?

                      The first underwater Scooters were based on torpedo technology. Their earliest documented use is via military usage as part of World War II.


                      There is a Great Deal Of choice throughout the best underwater scooter marketplace, supplying you with some amazing choices and some fantastic prices. If you’re new to diving or want to introduce your family to the game, a lesser priced and much less successful underwater scooter will be ideal for you. However, if you choose your diving seriously, then you will find a few very powerful models now available, some helping you to reach 230 feet submerged in addition to enabling you to travel at over 5 miles.

                      There are some Strong benefits in buying an underwater scooter before you embark On your action, like the boost it will give to your swimmingpool, Allowing you to rest when needed and consequently using less energy and Less oxygen, supplying a greater underwater selection.

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