Electric Scooter Tires: Everything You Need To Know

If you are like me, then the first thing when you begin searching for an electric scooter is the top speed or how far it can go without charging. You probably don’t even consider tires, right? However, tires are one of the most significant part electric scooter which can make your rides both comfy and joyous or tense and sort of stressful.

If you’re going to use your electric scooter to your everyday commutes you should definitely learn more about electric scooter tires. Some of the questions which I’ll answer in this blog post are:

  • Which are the most common tire types and what’s the difference between them?
  • What is the recommended tire pressure?
  • Can an electric scooter tire size affects your riding experience?
  • How frequently do you have to change an electric scooter tires?

With no further ado, let’s find the answers to these questions. There are essentially two kinds of tires: strong rubber tires and inflated air tires. Let’s take a look at both of these.

Solid rubber tires, as the name says are produced from rubber. They’re completely filled up with good rubber.

Though manufacturers state that they create solid rubber tires that have good absorbent qualities, it’s not quite true. These tires are fairly difficult, well, because they are solid… There is not a thing that absorbs the difficult surface, except the rubber.

If you have ever noticed those kick in scooters and then that noise”da da da da da” it’s the sound of solid rubber tires”absorbing” the surface.

I am not saying that solid rubber tires will be the same. There are different softness/hardness of this rubber they are made of. The softness of the rubber may simply make a small difference you’ll barely feel. That is it.

According to producers, solid rubber tires are wearproof and explosionproof. I concur with the burst part, but I don’t completely agree with wearproof. Rubber, like any other substance warns out. Especially if you’ll use your scooter to get a daily commuting (such as me).

If you are a man who favors a more comfortable ride, then you should definitely go with inflated wheels. This was the choice I’ve made a very long time back and I am rather happy with that selection!

Inflated air tires

Inflated air tires are also made from rubber. The construction is quite similar to bike or motorcycle tires. The only visible difference is size. Electric scooter tires are somewhere between 3.00-4, 6-10″x3″.

One of the trendiest part about inflated tires that it absorbs the shocks quite well. It will definitely make your ride more comfortable and smooth.

The downside is that inflated tires can explode. After riding, be careful of thorns, glass or nails. They are easily able to sew your bicycle. If that is the problem for you, there are heavy-duty inner tubes, which are thorn resistant. But, I have been using my own electric scooter using inflated tires for nearly 2 years and I had no difficulties with my tires.

If you’re looking for a more comfortable scooter, decide on the one with inflated tires. Believe me, the gap is huge!

What's the recommended tyre pressure?

Should you get an electric scooter with solid rubber tires, you don’t need to worry about tire pressure. However, inflated tires are like bike tires and hahaso be inflated and assessed frequently. Maintaining the tires properly inflated is among the best way to prevent apartments. You always need to check your manufacturer’s directions what is the suggested maximum pressure for your electric scooter & inflate according to those recommendations.

If you do not have the instructions or you purchased a used electric scooter check the bicycle itself. Occasionally there are amounts written on the tire which suggests that the tire dimensions and how much oxygen you need to inflate. Normally it’ll look like this:”Pressure 30 PSI”.

If you do not have a maker’s education and There’s nothing written in your tires, the best way to tell if your tire is over inflated or under inflated would be to check this image below:

Correct Inflation

The correct inflation is when the entire sloping surface touches the floor.

Over Inflation

If the tire is over inflated, it will only touch the centre region of the tire. The scooter will be less secure and less shock absorbent.

Under Inflation

If the tire is under inflated, the middle region of the tire won’t touch the ground properly. Moreover, you’re probably going to notice a strange sound coming from tire and you will find that feeling of vacant tire.

Electric scooter tire size: does it make any difference?

There are not just different tire types, but various sizes as well. Normally, electrical scooter tire size is about 5-10 inches. Inflated tires tend to be bigger, while solid rubber tires — smaller.

Yes, the size of a bicycle will definitely have iman impactn riding comfort. The larger the tire, the more comfortable it is to ride. Speaking about pace, scooters with larger wheels may be a slightly faster. Though they are just slightly quicker, they can handle higher rates more comfortable. In contrast, scooter with little wheels is much more maneuvering.

From my own experience, I would go with air inflated, middle sized tires.

Can an electric scooter tires worn out?

Yes, electrical scooter tires worns out. Based on the type of tire, you need to change them every 2,000-3,000 miles.