What Is The Fun Of Having The Fastest Hoverboard

Riding a hoverboard can be an absolute blast. Whether you’re riding to and from school or from your room out to the fridge, it always makes things more enjoyable. When they first emerged on the market, hoverboards weren’t very fast. Luckily, things have evolved a lot.  Today you can get rapid boards that can battle any terrain. Reaching speeds of up to 12 MPH, you will feel the wind in your hair when cruising down the street. In this article, we find the fastest hoverboard of 2018 for all of you speed devils out there.

The fastest self-balancing scooter on the market is the FutureSaw Pro Edition. The hoverboard has a top speed of 12.5 miles per hour (MPH).

The FutureSaw Pro is considered the fastest hoverboard in the world. Its impressive range of 12.5 miles sets it apart from the competition even further.

Buying Considerations: High-Speed Hoverboards

The evergrowing market of hoverboards is difficult to navigate. Here are the main factors to take into account when settling upon a hoverboard that packs a punch.


A thing that grants hoverboards mobility and speed is their weight. A hoverboard needs to be light-weight to reach high speeds. If that isn’t the case, a board will struggle both in acceleration and handling. Ultimately it will feel less smooth and enjoyable. Additionally, if a self-balancing scooter is heavy, it will struggle with slopes, making you lose your pace every time there is a slight obstacle.

The less a board weighs, the more, the more surplus to blast out high speeds a self-balancing scooter will have. If you are concerned about hoverboard weight limits, you can read our guide on the topic.

Motor Power

This should be kind of a no-brainer. The motor is the core of a fast hoverboard. Now, some hoverboards operate with only one engine, but the fastest hoverboards use two separate motors. More motor power equals better acceleration and more speed.

If you want the fastest hoverboard on the market, please take a look at the wattage power on your desired board first. Maybe you can get a board with better motors for less money.

Build Quality

Although build quality might not affect speed directly, it sure does over time. If the built quality of your hoverboard is questionable, chances are that it won’t be very durable. The hardware will get worn faster, and some parts might perform worse over time or even malfunction.

It is essential for a hoverboard that is going to be traveling fast that it can handle some stress. Watch out for cheap plastic materials – they’re not going to manage the stress that occurs when going at 12 MPH and then making a sharp break. With aluminum materials, you’ll be much better set for a durable experience.

So, which board should I get?

If you want nothing but the top hoverboard and don’t want to make any compromises – FutureSaw Pro Edition or Halo Rover. These hoverboards are absolutely stunning. All details are so well thought through. Safety was clearly of highest concern in the design process, and the power they churn out is second to none. Traveling at up to 12.5 MPH these hoverboards are the fastest the fastest hoverboards on the market. Now, it is reflected in the price but I can assure you it is worth it.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that will still fulfill your dirtiest speed demon desires, then go for the TOMOLOO V2 Eagle. There is only a slightly noticeable difference between this and the #1, and I’d say that’s worth sacrificing if you don’t have the money. The TOMOLOO V2 Eagle is a competitive product with a great interior and safety in focus.

Are you looking for something more modest – maybe for a child or yourself? The DailySaw is a fast and budget-friendly hoverboard that’ll serve the needs of most people. It goes far every charge and shares the same technology as the FutureSaw. It’s just cheaper and less of a “beast.” The DailySaw is a perfect family-friendly solution.

Where will you use your hoverboard?

If you intend to stay on the street, most self balancing scooters provide a smooth ride regardless of the size of the wheels, but if you want to take it off the beaten path and on different terrain, you’ll want to consider all-terrain hoverboards. That’s when it becomes important to look at things like wheel size, water resistance and extra power to get through muddy or grassy terrain. Larger wheels will help to traverse more diverse terrain

How fast does a hoverboard go?

You can expect to find speeds that range from 6-15 MPH on most hoverboards. Most users find speeds of 10-12 to be the most comfortable and give them the best ride. One day we may even be able to buy a 20 MPH hoverboard, but not yet. Choose the speed that suits your needs. Most people don’t need the fastest model. Always look at motor power as well. A good motor often equals good speed.

Final Thoughts

Hoverboards are more than just playthings, these fast versions allow you to use them as a transportation device for your daily commute. If you live in cities where the traffic is awful or if you’re a student going to school on a large sprawling campus a fast hoverboard can help you drastically cut your travel time.

The list we compiled are some of the fastest hoverboards available in the market today. All of these models are rated safe, durable, portable, powerful, and exceptionally quick. So if you’re looking for a hoverboard to help you with your commute you will definitely find one that will fit your needs.

Although there can only be one winner, please consider all of the above options. The top range margins are meager between the leading hoverboards hence you might not feel a difference. You’ll have to take other factors into account such as price, top range and additional features when deciding